Who We Are


Program Coordinator: Kou Johnson 

Kou M. G. Johnson is the Program coordinator for the CART.  She has recruited and vetted qualified enumerators and works directly with clients.  She manages the website, database, and plans projects.  She is also heavily involved in the the strategic planning of the organization.

Kou has an undergraduate degree(Bachelors of Arts, BA) in Demography with emphasis in Sociology from the University of Liberia and also holds Associate of Science(Asc.) degree in Nursing from the Mother Patern College of Sciences, Stella Maris Polytechnic. She served as Research Coordinator in the New York University Political Science Study in Liberia and as Enumerator in the Emory University Global Health Institute study. Kou have served as field enumerator for many research organizations including- National Barometer Survey for Governance Commission, TB Care Program survey by SEND Liberia; based-line survey on the unskilled and dropped out by the Population Policy Coordination Unit (PPCU). She has skills in using IPOD and GPS, conducting focus group discussion and transcription; data entry.



Chairman of the Board: Dr. Samuel N. Duo, Phd

As the chairman of the CART board, Dr. Samuel Duo is involved in ensuring that the work produced by CART is accurate, clear, and of high quality.  He is heavily involved in the strategic planning of the organization. Dr. Samuel N.  Duo is an expert in civil society leadership and institutional capacity development  Samuel’s previous experience as Program Officer for the Social Enterprise Development Foundation (SEND Foundation) of West Africa in Liberia equipped him with skills ranging from organizational capacity building, small/enterprise development, project cycle management, research, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, as well as project proposal development for 16 Liberian civil society organizations including women’s groups.   Currently, Dr. Duo is the Acting Country Director of SEND Foundation in Liberia. He  provides expertise in research data analysis, using the statistical package for social sciences government agencies and NGOs.

Co-Chairman of the Board: Dr. Geetor Saydee, Phd

Dr. Saydee has helped CART get off the ground by providing initial resources to help register the organization with the Liberian government. He has recommended numerous students to CART.  Currently, he is a professor of Demography at the University of Liberia.