Community Engagement in Concessions Management, 2014

Client: World Bank,  United Nations Development, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Liberian Land Commission.

Services:  CART conducted focus group discussions and individual interviews with citizens and local authorities in concessions areas, taking field notes and transcribing discussions  And, CART participated in the data analysis process

Public Policy and Government Services, 2014

Client:  PhD student, Harvard University Public Policy Department.

Services: CART provided 12 enumerators that administered questionnaires to Liberian citizens with regard to their perception on government services and implementations of public policies.

Alcoholic Beverages and Brands for Aurous Solution Inc., 2014

Client: Aurous Solution Inc., a Liberian consultant firm.

Services: CART provided 6 enumerators that conducted focus group discussions with alcohol sellers and consumers in several communities in Montserrado County concerning the various alcoholic beverages and brands. CART collected data from focus group discussion and transcribed said data and presented the data to partners

Liberty and Justice sewing factory Field Experiment, 2014

Client:  Researchers from Columbia University and Stanford University

Services: CART provided 16 enumerators, one supervisor and a coordinator. The coordinator Conducted training and evaluation of enumerators along with partners.  CART planned, oversaw and coordinated the daily activities of the enumerators. CART handled all working materials and purchasing, and helped to work out  solutions to problems arising from the field and made daily field reports. The enumerators along with Liberty and Justice staff recruited female applicants for the factory sewing project, filled in the application forms, administered sewing test for applicants along with L&J staff and helped conduct the baseline survey for each applicant.

Gender Mainstreaming Initiatives in Security Sector Reform, 2013 

Client: Dr. Rahel Kunz, Lecturer, University of Lausanne, Liberia

Services: CART conducted focus group discussions and individual interviews with different women groups and other relevant people and also transcribed the data.

Urban Justice Study, 2013

Client:  George Washington University professor

Duty: CART conducted  focus group discussion along with a research partner in West Point and Peace island with different groups of interest and transcribed the data.

Security Sector Reform of the Liberian National Police, 2013

Client: Dr. Michael Gilligan from New York University, Sabrina Karim from Emory University, Rob Blair from Yale University

Services:  Provided enumerators in January 0f 2013 and May of 2013 for lab-in-the-field experiments with the Liberian National Police.  CART conducted training on IRB and lab-in-the-field experiment methodology to enumerators.  CART conducted the lab-in-the-field experiments in Monrovia, Bong, Nimba, and Lofa Counties (with help from Center for Research and Development Initiative) and provided data entry service.

Dispute Resolution, Civic Education, and Intimate Partner Violence in West Point and Peace Island

Client: The Carter Center, Sabrina Karim from Emory University, Erin Bernstein from Emory University, and Rosalyn Schroeder from Emory University
Services:  CART provided 6 enumerators for a representative community survey in Peace Island and West Point.  CART conducted and transcribed focus groups with men and women in both communities.

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