CART provides quantitative and qualitative research services that are directed at collecting the most accurate data whether through surveys, focus groups, or experiments. CART prides itself in the quality and hardworking nature of its enumerators by recruiting the most qualified enumerators. The enumerators are trained in basic human subject research, research ethics, and all have experience working on domestic or international projects. Our database lets clients choose which enumerators they want to work with or CART can choose enumerators for the clients’ project based on certain criterion. Almost all enumerators are CITI certified.

Quantitative Research

Monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs, Baseline surveys and data collection and analysis, and Provide training for enumerators

Qualitative Research

Participant recruitment, Lead focus groups and conduct transcriptions Consultation over culture sensitivity and community entry/liaison

Original Research

Publish reports on areas of expertise Consult government agencies Collaborate with other international and international organizations on projects